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Originally Posted by The Waffler View Post
Alright, I'll bite.

I think SensZen said it best, he's a 24 year old millionaire who happens to play hockey for a living on the winningest team at the time. He's cocky, tell me you wouldn't be.

He was scapegoated. Plain and simple. The team was on a decline and management wasn't prepared to say that the window of opportunity was closed. Nobody was. So naturally, they're gonna play the blame game and who makes a better candidate for the blame than the flamboyant, egocentric goalie who got a speeding ticket and showed up late to practice twice? That's right, the scapegoat was Emery.

He wasn't playing up to par that season, due to injury. He wasn't playing great. But is trying to play through injury any reason to buy out the guy's contract? No it isn't.

If you ask me, he was mistreated. He was mistreated by the media, the fans and the management. He had a poor attitude. He didn't deserve to go to the KHL. He should still be a Sen. But management made a mistake, they took the bait. But at the same time, it was the best thing for Emery as a person. His limited KHL career and his career threatening injury made him the player he is today.

Hate him because you don't like his attitude, hate him because you are a racist, hate him because you hate that Belly song, I don't care. Don't go around saying you wish he has mediocre stats and has an unsuccessful career. Of anyone, he deserves success the most. How many players can you say worked every day for 7 months just to maybe get back to playing hockey?

He battled, he won. He's a different person. He's not that cocky 24 year old anymore. He's a warrior and for that reason I have mad respect for the guy. Everyone should. Dont let some stupid grudge block your vision.
Why? Because he trained hard for 7 months. Nobody wishes that kind of injury on anybody, athlete or not, but lets not pretend he is the only guy who ever got hurt and had to train hard everyday to come back from injury. Just a recent example is parise who tore an acl and even had to bring in a skating coach to change his stride to take as much pressure off his acl as possible. He worked with the coach "everyday". I'm not sure if his "everyday" is literal or if it means 5 days a week, but I guarantee you Parise didn't sit on the couch those other 2 days of the week. My point being that every NHLer works hard to come back from injury. That's not to take away from the effort of Emery or his recent success but training hard happens with most NHLer's. Someone who deserves success in my mind even more would be a guy like Marc Savard, who has trouble even looking at a bright light, or Daymond Langkow who was hit in the neck with a puck, how hard to you think he had to work to come back, he was out over 12 months, I bet he trained hard.

Emery put himself in the position to become a scapegoat. He wasn't the first guy to be late for a practice, but when you are battling back from an injury and trying to get the #1 job back, being late is just stupid. He should have been the guy who was 1st on the ice and last to leave, but instead he was the opposite. The backup for that days game usually stay late to take extra shots to help the players, Emery would head off the ice even before Gerber who was playing that night. He sulked on the bench, wasn't a great teammate. He allowed himself to become the scapegoat. I'm sure that everything that happened to him wasn't fair, there is no doubt about that. But it was just one thing after another. Sure the media ran with it, that's what happens in canadian cities, emery knew that but still kept messing up.

Whatever happens to him in the future I'm indifferent, win, lose, whatever. But he hurt this franchise, that's not debatable. Like i said, it wasn't all his fault, but he certainly didn't help himself.

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