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04-06-2011, 08:31 AM
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I guessed DrDoom was a play on general negativity, I am sorry for the assumption. Playing for "near" 82 games like the Canucks is still not perfection. Just because the Flyers went 82-0 in that Verizon commercial doesn't mean it is feasible. There is no magic "switch", but if you would like I can post a large picture of Pronger and to a lesser extent Briere, because they have a major impact upon the success of this team in all 3 zones that we have recently seen the Flyers lack intensity. Pronger and Briere are two of the greatest playoff performers post-lockout, it is more than fair to have beaming confidence in their ability to get the job done. I do not know for certain that this team will win the Stanley Cup, it is a long hard road to get the 16W, but to truly believe this team isn't one of the legitimate 4 contenders is asinine.

I highly doubt any of the Flyers players or coaching staff are "worried" that this team will be beaten in a 7 game series.

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