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04-06-2011, 01:36 PM
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Homer is doing to me what Reid has already done to me with the Eagles - cause my interest to wane.

Watching the same stupid **** year in and year out is really frustrating at first, but after awhile you get complacent and eventually you just stop caring because the stupid **** becomes the norm.

Keep trading first round picks, risking **** players to re-entry waivers and destroying our cap situation, Homer. You will always have the support of the homers (oh look, a pun) for at least another 2-3 years before we have to gut the team due to your ineptitude which every intellectually competent fan knew would happen.

Edit. For all the homers - a blind monkey could have managed this team into 2 ECFs and 1 SC appearance(s) when they were handed the young talent and cap space he was. All Homer has done is shorten this team's window DRAMATICALLY with his inept dealing of draft picks, mismanage the cap MULTIPLE times, make a ton of stupid, risky moves (even if some have panned out THUS FAR - like the insanely long contracts to Pronger, Richards and Carter (but god forbid one of them gets hurt, ever, or else we have a DiPietro situation)) and give us a bunch of sound bites that approach George W. Bush level of hilarity for their stupidity.

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