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Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
I was actually thinking Mika Zibanejad.

And Fisher is a 3C or 2RW.
So you give up 35 point, 23 yo Foligno and Nashville's 1st rounder to move up as much as 10 spots to pick up an 18 yo you hope can become a 50 point player in 4-5 years?

Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
Not sure why you're knocking Kyle Turris unless you simply haven't seen him play.

Signing Upshall to be either 1 or 2 LW won't cost much. He's looking for a team to give him a shot in the top 6 and he skates hard, hits and can find the back of the net. He's definitely not your typical 1LW, but I think he could skate with Spezza and go to the net when Michalek gets hurt again

I liked what I saw in Greening at the Prospects scrimmage. It was obvious to me then that he can think the game better than Foligno- as well as skate better and he's bigger. I've been even more impressed since. He's the main reason I think Foligno is expendable.
Turris is a huge bust, I have seen him play. He'll never be a 1st liner and at this point, Phoenix would be happy just to get a competent enough all-round player to allow him to play enough to get 2nd line production out of him. That's just a little short of the 80 point, Cup winning RW picked 2 spots ahead of him... or whatever it is we hope to get out of our Top-5 pick this summer.

Upshall will cost $3-4M and Foligno makes $1.2M. A collection of salaries like that constrain a teams ability to acquire 1st line talent and the benefit of an Upshall over a Foligno is marginal now, let alone if Foligno continues to improve. Suffice to say, the cost benefit of such a move is awful and not worth the 10 spots to move up unless we truly believed that move were the difference of a 1st liner vs. a 2nd liner.

Greening, Butler and Condra have proven very little thus far. They've earned lineup spots in pencil for October. Not only that, they're only 3 players... we need 6 players for our 2nd and 3rd lines and you're offering 3 potential players for those lines, while moving 2 guarantees for those lines next season. It's absurd, have you written down a likely lineup to see how few players you're proposing fill too many lineup spots?

Originally Posted by Tundraman View Post
If they are serious about the rebuild, the Sens won't trade any of their young guys especially Regin and Foligno to try and take a shortcut to the playoffs. The early part of this year was flat for everyone for many reasons posted many times on these forums. How can you judge younger players based on a season like that. Give those guys a chance to play a whole year on a re-energized team. After a full season the Sens will be in a better position to assess who should stay and who should go. I'm all for (mostly) standing pat and playing the hand they were dealt.

You know what this line of commentary sounds like? .... It sounds like the 2nd half of the season after we fired Hartsburg. Disgusting incompetence in coaching tanked our breakout and offense in the first half. Causing people to crap all over the key players who couldn't produce offensively in the first half and then pimping Shannon all throughout the summer because he got a tonne of ice time in the 2nd half when the offense had been fixed, but didn't have his PPG ratio dragged down by a weak first half. The same thing is happening with Greening, Butler and Condra. We're not going to have open 1st line spots for them next year and lineup spots beside Spezza will be much more limited. They're currently sprinting towards the end of this season to earn NHL jobs for next year. We honestly won't have any idea how they'll perform with more limited ice time and when they start pacing themselves to handle a long season until it happens.

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