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04-06-2011, 02:39 PM
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So jealous
Never managed to see ATD-I. Though I have seen Sparta once and the Mars Volta twice. Alternate Jersey, I definatley understand where your coming from. I remember both times I saw Mars Volta there were parts of the set that I felt the whole crowds interest die because the band were masterbating their instruments.

That first Sparta album was great. I would buy that again. I remember Porcelein was somewhat lacking. Seemed to get softer. Maybe I just didnt get into it.

When I saw Trail of Dead I thought it was the ****. Multiple Guitarists. EVeryone swapping Instruments. Blood. Guitarists Jumping into large containers of Rubbish and then the crowds drinking water

Ive never seen an international band more than Muse. The first time I saw them I hitch hiked 800 Klm, half Queensland to see them. I also had a bag of special cookies which made it quite difficult to converse with the two lovely couples that picked me up. I fell asleep in the car with the second couple and they woke me up in Brisbane. Im glad im not 19 anymore.

Rebecca Black. I saw that **** on TV. I have never clicked on the link. I will not be one of the billion views.

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