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Originally Posted by mrCoffea View Post
This is what I don't get about TFC

It's one of the most financially successful clubs in the MLS
The team sells out or is close to selling out every game
The team only has one designated player, leaving the option open to have 2 more if necessary
Clearly they are starving for a playoff appearance after all these years to appease the fans that have been supporting them

Given that they have an extra slot for a designated player, give that Dwayne DeRosario wasn't happy with his contract and was a hometown boy, given that he scored 50% of their goals last season.....WHY THE **** DID THEY TRADE HIM?

Why not just give him a better contract and make him a designated makes no sense
Well, you have not even tried to understand the context.

Despite the team's off the field success in attracting fans, they have been pretty disappointing on the field. The previous General Manager failed to bring in personnel (players and coaches) who could get the job done, despite many tries. The organization parted ways with Mo Johnston and brought in Jurgen Klinsmann as a consultant to find a management group that could create a longterm successful team.

The new management they chose, under Aron Winter, wants to play a completely different kind of soccer that emphasizes specific skill at every position and control of the ball. They plan to build by finding players who can fit into this system and by bringing players up through their Academy learning how to play this style.

The situation involving De Rosario has more to do with promises made by previous regimes. For Aron Winter, this is just a distraction from what he is trying to implement. It would be silly to spend DP money on a guy who does not fit into their longterm plans and furthermore is creating a distraction from the team.

My guess is, when Winter came in, he told these players (De Rosario, Cann, Attakora) who are looking for more money, that they will not be committing to raising salaries or extensions until they have a year to observe whether they feel these players fit into their plans. De Rosario could not live with this and asked for a trade, to which Winter obliged.

Does this answer your question?

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