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04-06-2011, 06:34 PM
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It's kind of funny now that I've been roaming around the whole of HF rather than just this board and the NHL forum occasionally. During the Boston game I was posting in their GDT. They are the EXACT same way about their PP. They literally said they wish they could decline a penalty like in the NFL. Sound familiar?

In the main forum there was a thread started about how awful the Pittsburgh PP is (at the time they were 2 for 50) and fans from all over the league came out of the woodwork to tell everyone how their team actually had the worst PP in the league.

And then there was the recent "Dumb things you've overheard in the stands" thread where it seemed like every other post was another fan of another team talking about people who yell "Shoot!" on the PP without regard to shooting lanes being clogged or the position of the puck carrier's teammates. That sparked a fun little exchange about how crappy their respective teams' powerplays are INCLUDING a couple of Red Wings fans who talked about how Detroit's powerplay spends too much time passing the puck around looking for the perfect play.

Strange huh? It isn't the end of the world. I promise. We're all just being normal hockey fans

btw token is right. Our PP has been pretty average since the ASB. An average PP in Nashville is like an NHL record setting PP in Vancouver

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