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Originally Posted by mrCoffea View Post
This is what I don't get about TFC

It's one of the most financially successful clubs in the MLS
The team sells out or is close to selling out every game
The team only has one designated player, leaving the option open to have 2 more if necessary
Clearly they are starving for a playoff appearance after all these years to appease the fans that have been supporting them

Given that they have an extra slot for a designated player, give that Dwayne DeRosario wasn't happy with his contract and was a hometown boy, given that he scored 50% of their goals last season.....WHY THE **** DID THEY TRADE HIM?

Why not just give him a better contract and make him a designated makes no sense
How can anybody respect you when you cave as soon as a player makes demands? I am so happy he is gone for several reasons and I will post them after I find a post I made a while back.

Dero would not make or break us making the playoffs.

Here are things he has done while with TFC that have bothered me.

1) Grass versus artificial turf (Questioning why Real Madrid gets grass and wanting all Canada games in Montreal - A joke considering 90% of the stadium were Honduras fans in World Cup qualifying.)
2) Coaches - Rumour that he keeps getting coaches fired.
3) Canadian versus American players - One of the leaders of the tension between Canadian and American players a few years back.
4) Salary - He complains about his salary after signing a 4 year deal last year. Ridiculous. He had the nerve to do it when we are in a fight for a playoff spot too.
5) Goal celebration - Has to do his dumb dance before his teammates can celebrate with him.
6) Leadership - He is the captain of a team that keeps missing the playoffs and collapsing down the stretch.

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