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04-06-2011, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
I agree with you on almost every point, but i would give even more credit to JVR...

when HE gets beat, its because "hes a forward on the point, so he didnt see that coming"...this kid skates backwards smoother than coburn (loving coburn recently BTW),
poke checks more effectively than carle (im no carle hater),
and is back-checking better than carter (i think carters been good at back checking since his new contract)

overall JVR knows ALL aspects of the game, and hes only going to improve in them all, and in putting them together (and ******* strength/endurance training!!!!)

also, i agree with you that Z will be departing next year (something im bummed about)...but if its any consolation, i think he'll be in the KHL so hopefully he wont be killing us next year (unless he goes to a team like the caps >< )
Why is anyone bummed that Zherdev is leaving?

Dude doesn't have the drive to play a consistent, solid game in the NHL. He's had numerous chances and never put forth the effort and commitment to his teammates. **** him.

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