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10-13-2003, 08:24 PM
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I know it's personal preference and all, but I just don't see anything that justifies the "hideous" and "fugly" comments.

Nice colours, good clean design, no stupidity like fishstick logos or winnie the poohs on the jersey, what's there to hate?
It's a matter of opinion, no less justified "looks awesome!"

If you really want to hear why I find it hideous, here's a start:

1) The Captain America theme is pathetic - I don't care if it ties in with the "history" of the team - if that's the thematic choice for the team then it's a bad one.
2) Having the "swoosh flag" as a centrepiece is entirely anti-climactic
3) Stars, in general, are really overused and not cool at all.

Having said that, I don't know that these are any worse than the regular CBJ jerseys, which were also hideous.

Don't bother with the cutting up of other teams, because I also detest the uniforms of Anaheim, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, San Jose, Tampa Bay, Vancouver and Washington, as well as the horrible swoosh on the Sens red jerseys. Third jerseys are particularly bad - the only good one I can think of is Toronto.

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