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Bucs, Rays & Other Florida Sports Teams Thread

We've reached the limit in the old thread. Continue here!

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Originally Posted by Moo View Post

To be fair, as I want to see this again, but you don't suppose the third baseman was throwing home for the force but in the process of his normal windup inadvertently touched third for the force?
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Originally Posted by Genius Brian Lawton View Post
You're so far off base its ridiculous.
I know it sounds ridiculous at first, but really think it over for a few minutes. The money was spent at first, but attendance didn't pick up enough to justify it, right? So they can say "we're losing money and nobody will help us out, we spent to win and nobody cared!" Can't get a new stadium, so you can get away with cutting salary, the team has a couple bad years now, attendance drops off a bit, the owners threaten to move the team if the new place isn't built.

All owners know this strategy. It's literally page 1, you can call me a crazy cynic, conspiracy theorist or whatever, but how many times has it played out this way before? If it sounds wild, I can name a dozen cities that've basically seen it done to a tee.
Originally Posted by Moo View Post

It was STO's Key Play of the Game. He definitely was throwing home for the force and inadvertantly touched third. Fluke play. They did get an out; just not the one they wanted. But with A-Cab homering the next at-bat it doesn't really matter.

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