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08-05-2005, 08:14 PM
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carter is the future of this team, he WILL play center as will mike richards if he plays on the flyers this year, and if carter does play i see him being being the second line center. i doubt either of these kids play the 4th line center because the lack of playing time will stunt their development


Radio has shown us nothing, no evidence that he can score especially with any consistency so i dont see him getting anywhere near the top two lines, at least i hope not

count on gagne playing with forsberg, and being we dont have a proven right winger on this team that can score expect some youth to get a chance i expect umberger to make a run for the spot in training camp, remember youth is cheap also. i also know that clarkie wants a grinder on every line so it can open up the ice for the finess and speed guys so expect perhaps Knuble to be in the RW spot, remember Joe Thornton credited Knuble for much of his sucess because he always is opening up the ice and doing all the dirty work for him.

Carter plays best when he has a scorer and a grinder on his line with him, they know this from when he was in juniors and it carried right over to when he was in the AHL, i see knuble being his hard working grinder and sim/sharp being his scorer on that line being he has played with both of them and developed a bit of a chemistry with them..... another possability is that they keep the hot line together from the AHL playoffs as the second line in Sim-Carter-Sharp

The Primeau line is pretty much steadfast, they play defensive hockey and grind and wear down the oppositions top line, in this role primeau flourishes so dont expect his line OR his role to change at all this year.

The Handzus line i know you all wouldnt put him on the 4th line but remember with the lineup they have the flyers pretty much can confidently roll 4 lines all game and rest their players that is if the second line can convert their success to the NHL. Handzus showed he and radio had a little bit of chemistry together last season and them being fellow countryman and friends cant hurt thier bond off and on the ice so hopefully they will mesh and pull through a strong season, throw stevenson on this line for some added grit and size and you have a pretty damn big line to throw out against anyone.

this is what i really expect will happen

and think about it, there is a 0% chance that richards is going to waste away on the bench this season playing the 4th line, he and carter are the future down the middle of this team, if they are not both going to be playing center expect one of them to be traded because it is just a waste of talent. I truly think if anyone is going to be traded from this lineup right now sadly enough its going to be handzus for 3 reasons, 1. $$, 2. Value, 3. his position

the 6 people from the phantoms i expect to get shots with the big club this season
Pitkanen, Carter, Richards, Umberger, Sim, and Seidenberg. remember clarke said at the end of the calder cup playoffs that 5 or 6 players from the phantoms WILL be with the flyers this season

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