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04-07-2011, 09:01 AM
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I could be wrong, but I always understood the hosel to be the narrow section of the blade above the heel and the tenon to be the actual piece that sticks into the shaft.

Hosel is the part of the blade where "BOK" is written from "REEBOK" while the tenon is the black part of the blade that goes in the shaft.

So technically a "true" OPS would be made of the same material in one mold all the way from the butt end of the shaft through the toe of the blade, but in my opinion, sticks aren't durable enough for that to make much of a difference, and it would just jack up prices. Better to make the shaft and the blade separately, then join them as low on the hosel as possible, then wrap it with an overlay of carbon fiber for durability in that slash zone. And that's probably how most sticks are made nowadays.

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