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10-13-2003, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Chayos1
This deal would be Kevin Lowe Throwing the dice on Atlanta blowing dog this season. If Comrie and Rita make them a Team that could contend for a playoff spot then he doesn't make this deal. So as an Atlanta fan you have to wonder if Lowe is setting you up for a let down when he drafts Ovechkin 1st overall next year with your pick. As an oiler fan i would be willing to see Comrie moved for this package if i knew heatley wasn't going to play most of the season, other wise i think comrie would really make that team dangorous with the talent already there. To much risk of Heatley making a miracolous recovery and leading them into the playoffs. I say hold out for a deal that gives the oil something of substance that can play now.
I disagree. I think people have become too focused on Ovechkin. I don't think the Thrashers are going to win the Ovechkin sweepstakes, but (with apologies to Thrasher fans) I do think that they're a good bet to be picking in the top 10- a shot at a decent player in almost any draft year.

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