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04-07-2011, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, those teams tend to undergo a lot of change in the offseason... so whether he fits or not is difficult to judge. Those teams also tend to be losing money with no playoffs in front of them to offset their regular season losses.

What is more shocking is that a team like Pittsburgh (who was really banged up at the time) or someone else in the playoff mix didn't take a shot with him to see what happened.
...Again, there were teams who could have used him, for sure. And all of those losing-money teams have nothing to lose from bringing in a guy who can dangle and excite the crowd for so little money, especially if he turns out to be a performer for them and can be signed within their budget.

The fact that Pitts would rather trade any asset for Kovalev than just take Z essentially for free speaks volumes once again.

GMs in this league don't seem to want him, because he can't seem to fit in with an NHL team and play any semblance of a two-way game. That, to me, makes him not an NHL player.

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