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04-07-2011, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post

Also on a different note anything ever written or performed by Dirt McGirt aka New Baby Jesus, Big Baby Jesus, Ol Dirty *******. ODB etc. I am not too into hiphop/rap but that guy was something else.
Im not big on hip-hop or rap either, but I always liked Kool Mo Dee. His songs where he battles/ disses on LL Cool J are classic put downs on a monumental level:

LL stands for lower-level, lack-luster, last-least, limp-lover, lousy-lame, late- lethargic, ...." and it goes on from there

The beats are not bad as well
but the lyrics are just pure gold for put downs

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Soooooo many great bands/act's listed in this thread that it should be a permanent sticky.
Tony???? Telos???? Live in the Here and now?

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