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04-07-2011, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
No, as usual you don't seem able to comprehend what someone's argument actually is. I've never said that. Not once. Try arguing things that I've actually said.

Hours? Seriously? Mere minutes, my man. A 4th grader could rip your "argument" to shreds. We have a 15 year old around here that could and probably has already made mince meat out of you.

Validate my existence? What does that even mean? Thanks for telling me what I would rather have, but AFAIC, it doesn't matter how good McIlrath is, because the pick is already a failure You don't choose one dimensional "defensive" defensemen with the 10th pick in the draft, especially when you aren't getting any picks that high again for a while, when you have the organizational makeup this club has.

And I don't need anything validated. I've had more than enough validation in the time since I started watching this sport to feel confident about what I think.

You're a real Ranger fan? You're not even a real hockey fan, much less a real Ranger fan. How can you be a real Ranger fan when all you do is advocate for the Rangers to do things that would be detrimental to their success?

Actually, professor, yes I was, and 1994 is plenty relevant to me. That doesn't make it relevant in a discussion about what needs to be done to win in the NHL in 2011. Regardless, you're in no position to make remarks about someone's age. If you never made references to your age, I'd guess you were a junior high school student based on the way you "argue" and "analyze" the game.

Let me ask you something. Do you not realize what a thoughtless question this? Doesn't it depend entirely on what the rest of my team looks like? Wouldn't I obviously prefer Lucic if my team already had enough players that did what Krejci does, or vice versa?

If you're talking about my team as in the New York Rangers, then it's a no brainer. Of course, I'd rather have Krejci.

I comprehend just fine. I comprehend that you think some fantasy about having Ryane Clowe and Dylan McIlrath would make this a better team than having Brad Richards. That's what you said. I think that's one of the more ridiculous statements you've made since you began posting here, and you've made more than a few stand outs already.

Where did I spin anything? You refer to the best hockey players in the world as pansies, you reduce other poster's arguments to something that barely resembles what they actually said. You've done more than enough spinning already.
I am 37, I have suffered a long time as a Ranger fan, the Rangers are finally starting to build the team the right. The only player you like from this past draft is Jesper Fasth, right, how predictable.

If McILrath turns into Shea Weber, would you admit you are wrong or would you still perfer Erik Karlsson or Dmitry Kulikov.

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