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Pretty good I'd say.
Timmins has indeed done a very good job. While I've already stated what I didn't like as much as far as strategy and some picks, he's clearly amongst the best.

But you can't go with that list to explain how good he was....Way too soon to even talk about 2008 and up....I mean as far as we know, they could all underachieve. As of now, we're solely going with names and we can go back on those 2008, 2009, 2010 drafts, and I can give you "names" that could have looked just as good if not better. So too soon to call, it might look good, but it could have looked better "on paper". Greatly enough, this is not how a game is played.

While he was the one or not who discovered those players, he's the one who decided to call the guy's name at the table, he's the one who's responsible for giving the confidence to the guys in place etc...So everything from Grabovski, Streit, Price, Lats, SKost, D'Ago, Halak, Pacio, McDo, that' all Timmins. Now I understand that the list you provided are the guys who ended up playing in the league, and that's impressive. But the guys I've named are what separates a great head scout from an average one. Quality over quantity. My biggest beef against him was always to say that Timmins was able to recognize who could play in this league more than who could succeed in it. Something is strange though....I start to believe that the same ones who were defending the org. for letting most of those guys go, saying how they were just a flash in the pan and all are now saying how great Timmins go....Well I guess that with the "haters" having to reconsider their opinion on Timmins, the "haters" of those players we let go have to reconsider as well.....unless they're stuck with the "He wouldn't have done it here" syndrom.....

Now, what's left as criticisms for me as far as Timmins is concerned is this:

1- Having the ability to find power forwards that could score goals and play in the top 6. Only MaxPac respond to the bill since he took over.
2- If you really put the emphasis on the US, just be sure you get the best out of that league whether it's from the draft or the UFA Trotter type of players who he surely have a say in this. I don't believe he was as succesful in that area and that his ratio success vs picks isn't that great. Surely what McDo and MaxPac has done have upgraded this ratio but not to where I'd hope it would be.
3- First rounders are still a concern: AKost, Chip, Price, Fischer, McDo, MaxPac, Leblanc and Tinordi. Usually this is where you get your players of exception. Yes, Subban was a 2nd rounder and all....but 1st round is where it happens. But if you can't have the quantity, be sure you have the quality. Like Anaheim for example...Getzlaf, Perry, Smyd, Ryan, Mitera, MacMillan, Gardiner, Holland, Fowler, Etem. Quantity wise, that's not THAT impressive, bunch of underachievers la Mitera and MacMillan, Gardiner was traded (history will say if he'll McDonagh's his way in Toronto...), Smyd (pretty ordinairy), don't have too much faith in Holland but too soon to say....BUT when you are able to build a core with guys like Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and know that your drafts have the quality. They already knew it for quite some time now.....we wondered just last year if Price or Halak would have been traded.....we didn't know at THIS start of the season if MaxPac would be back this year.....we didn't know the impact of McDo this year....So not only Anaheim was able to get some quality....but also some quality that ended up playing soon for them and be able to get the quality/salary ratio for them going.

And yes, this is just one team. Like I said before, this is NOT a proof that Timmins sucks. He doesn't. But there is some improvement to do. And we cannot BUY our core every year....we need youngsters to be able to do it for us based on that salary cap. Somehow, the Gomez-Gionta-Cammy acquisitions are a proof that there's some improvement to make if we want to move in the rankings. 2003 will remain for me as one of his biggest miss, a year we couldn't have the luxury of missing....

But CLEARLY, the main problem is not Timmins. It's the development of our guys, I firmly believed that SKost was a legitimate top 6 player. Same for Lats, top 4 in McDo etc....The identity, the development and the rest that came to the departure of some of OUR players that end up doing what they do best elsewhere, is the real problem. And that's mainly outside of the 1st round...and THAT Timmins doesn't seem to have anything to do with that based on what we heard with Grabs and McDo.....

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