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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Get rid of the 3 point game and add a play-in tournament. That would make it super intense.

3-game series at the end of the reg. season.

7th seed plays 10 & 8th seed plays 9th, with the top team getting two home games.

Every year one team is out by a point or two. There is usually a pretty distinct separation between those teams and the ones above and below IMO. It would also allow the top teams who earned one of the top 6 spots a week or so of rest to get ready for the long haul, and would increase the level of play imo. It would aslo make the games more meaningful for the teams hovering around that 6th spot instead of having a throwaway game or two at the end once they clinch a spot. The "bubble" teams in that short tourney are then reseeded for the draft and away we go. So even if say, a 7th seed like Buffalo lost out, as a consolation they would be moving a minimum of 3 spots up in the draft.

Tampa - 99
Montreal - 93
Buffalo - 92
Rangers - 91
Carolina - 89
Toronto - 85

NJ - 79
Atl - 78
This is a ****** idea and has been tried in the AHL and no one really liked it. IMO it just cheapens the idea of playoffs even further. Half of he league already makes the playoffs, do we really need 2/3rds of the league effectively making the playoffs?

And the season is already freakin' long enough as it is. AND I hate short series.

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