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Originally Posted by CPhoenixM View Post
Out of curiosity how much do you watch Silfverberg play? (Genuine interest.)

From what I've seen he could crack our line-up today at the third line at least if not a 2nd or 1st line forward (Silfverberg or Butler??), especially with our current depth. With that in mind recently, as I've said before, a Swedish poster with no affiliation to Ottawa said that he sees Silfverberg as a more versatile version of Loui Eriksson. He may still have 1st line upside.

To those talking about his shot: yes, it's amazing. On top of that he's got good skating, good size, and a great two way game to go with his great hockey sense and finishing ability.

Haven't the Ottawa brass already said that they expect Silfverberg to play for the big team at some point next season?
I've seen Silfverberg play live 3 times, and on tv about the same I think. I've only seen him a bit this year though. But I've seen this story before.

It's not that he CAN'T make the roster, it's just that when a player comes over from playing exclusively in Europe in takes quite a bit of time to adjust to the size of the rink, new rules and the overall space (lack thereof) and lack of time (much faster), you need to give them time. The NHL is typically no place for them to learn, especially a 21 year old still developing. We've seen this with Karlsson who is two years into his NA time, and went through a bad slump as recently as a month ago (d-men are harder of course, but Karlsson is comparitely more skilled than Silfverberg too).

Take a guy like Arttu Luttinen. He came over as a much more mature prospect who had produced a lot more in europe in the SM-Liiga than Silfverberg to this point. He was big and physical and a similar style winger to Silfverberg, but had a heck of time adjusting to NA hockey. Sometimes its even tougher when you are big and play physical to a degree, because what you have been able to do with your size in Europe, simply doesn't work in NA. For some anyway. Now Silfverberg is a better prospect than Luttinen, but in terms of an adjustment, I expect the same to happen (although I'm happy to be wrong!)

Given i don't see him as a top 6 winger to start or on a checking line with a bunch of dump and chase guys (Winchester, Neil, Foligno etc.), then where is he better developing? He'll end up in Bingo most likely, in particular because we want him to get time on the PP and get used to the PP in NA on the smaller ice. He could get called up mid-season I suppose and he could even wow in training camp and end up on Spezza's wing, but I'd bet a lot of money a guy like Butler will be in better position to land a spot on Spezza's wing, not to mention guys like Alfie and Michalek.

While we don't have a lot of scoring depth, I'm inclined to think guys like Foligno, Regin, Neil, Condra, Butler, Greening and O'Brien are more likely to crack our line-up than a guy like Silfverberg, even though his skills ultimately may end up better than most of those guys.

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