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04-07-2011, 12:55 PM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
It's really not a must win...

Sure a win here would almost seal it but a loss doesn't end our season. Hence it's not a must win. really is. In no way do I want to count on other teams losing to get us in if we don't win tonight. Heck, I don't even want it to come down to Saturday.

Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
Yeah seriously. NHL, are shootout wins legitimate wins or not? You can't really have it both ways... You say they're worth the same number of pts as a regulation or OT win, but then they don't count towards your win total for the playoff tiebreaker?

Oh and if you're trying to draw in more fans, creating a new category that has playoff implications isn't the best way to go about doing that. You think anyone down in Carolina knows what the ROW category stands for?
The whole ROW tiebreaker is the worst idea they've ever come up with. If a shootout win is not worth the same as a regulation win, then don't make both 2 points. And in all honesty, it's time to get away from the shootout system, the 3 point game, and extend overtime. Cause that is the biggest problem right there, is that it's not long enough. Make OT 10 minutes of 4 on 4, then 5 minutes, 3 on 3. That'll solve 95% of the ties.

Originally Posted by SgroiBoy View Post
Gilroy with the hat trick. BOOK IT

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