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04-07-2011, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR ribbet View Post
You've deduced all that from a video in which there is no audio and it starts with Avery on the ground? Bravo.

As stated multiple times now, Avery and Hank are great friends. They do a lot together. He was in no way trying to injure Lundqvist.

Not sure what's worse on this forum: the Avery haters or the Zuc nuthuggers.
1) You can see in the vid that the net is off it's moorings, avery is in it, and hank is behind the crease. So knowing some hockey basics would lead anyone to conclude what I did. Avery crashed the net, and bumped hank.

2) Now here's the part the casual hockey fan/avery fan (because they're one and the same) isn't getting: Just because Avery bumped Hank doesn't mean he was trying to. However, just not trying to isn't good enough. You have to try NOT to. Which means don't crash down on the net hard in practice.

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