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04-07-2011, 01:36 PM
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sometimes the rockiest starts make the best foundations...
this COULD be the case with Z as i think a few have outlined, OR it could be all words and Z doesnt speak to the team (so homer says that to keep Z happy and possibly ready for p-offs)

what i believe:
call me an optimist, but i believe Z has really learned a lot this year (especially during his last time sitting...the only time he sat after being waived)
I REALLY think the team is willing to except Z as a part of it, if he is ready (look at kimmo give him a HELL of a headrub after his beauty of an assist)
also, i believe that the playoffs are where real friendships are made, and if Z is now "onboard" and does his part (and a bit more) in the post-season, he could find a niche here.

would i take Z over Leino? most likely not...unless he get a hattrick and wins the cup for us haha!

would i want to resign Z if he seems to like it here and plays well during the playoffs? yep...will he walk to the KHL? yep.

i think we need a miracle in the post season to keep Z, but i think it IS possible

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