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Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post
Philadelphia Firebirds

Coach: Viktor Tikhonov
Assistant Coach: Father David Bauer (bio coming)
Captain: Jean Beliveau
Assistant Captain: Rod Langway
Assistant Captain: Brian Sutter

Dick Duff-Jean Beliveau(C)-Jari Kurri
Fred "Smokey" Harris-Frank McGee-Ken Hodge
Brian Sutter(A)-Pit Lepine-Johnny Peirson
Don Maloney-Bill Thoms-Goldie Prodgers
Herb Jordan, Murray Balfour(bio coming)

Rod Langway(A)-Eduard Ivanov
Harry Howell-Sergei Gonchar
Frantisek Tikal-George Owen
Jay Bouwmeester

Jiri Holecek
Charlie Hodge











Some positional notes, Prodgers can play all 3 forward positions, and Thoms can play center and LW.
I'll do the Firebirds seeing as they are my divisional rival and I have followed them closely somewhat since the beginning of the draft.


First Line: One of the better first lines of the draft, the only thing keeping them out of "elite" company is the weakness of Dick Duff. Good glue guy to have on the line with two perennial superstars in Beliveau and Kurri, but definitely a glaring weakness on the line. You should be safe because you do have the aforementioned duo on the line, that should've have much trouble scoring.

Second Line: I like the composure of this line, good, hard-working second line that contributes a good amount of offense and grit. Frank McGee is a solid offensive threat, who fits well with Hodge and Harris. Two puck-winners. Like my first line, you might have similar trouble in generating offense more often than not. But in the same situation I'm in, with the talent on the line, it shouldn't be difficult to get those chances.

Third Line: Decent, typical third line. I can't see a whole lot of offense coming out of the line, I don't know of any playmaking skills between the three. I just know Lepine was known for his defensive ability. Who gets the puck to Sutter or Peirson when trying for offensive chances? Good defensive line, not really sure how much offense it will contribute.

Fourth Line: This line, kind of like your third line, except I see this as a good offensive energy line. Bill Thoms can set up plays and score goals, and Prodgers and Maloney are somewhat suitable wingers. They'll be able to protect Thoms and they will receive good passes from him that could lead to scoring chances.

Spares: Like I said about Balfour in the Draft Thread, he isn't anything special and was well-known for his presence on the million-dollar line. Was heavily favored by past GM's, and was picked earlier because of it. Not a bad spare though, good fore-checker and could fill in on the PK possibly. Herb Jordan is a good offensive spare, one of the better in the draft in my perspective (up there with Maruk and Janney) and should be effective when relied upon.


First Pairing: Not bad first pairing, Langway is a great piece to have, but a lower-tier #1 defenseman. Eduard Ivanov? He brings the pairing down a little bit, mostly because IMO he is not a top pairing defenseman in the ATD. He is adequate, and probably belongs on a second pairing as a below-average #3 or a good #4. Langway will provide a lot of defense, and will make it seemingly difficult for opposing forwards to get through. Ivanov is an alright two-way defenseman, who brings a nice mix of offense and defense. I don't think Ivanov was a very good skater, so if he ever gets caught pinching, it could be a task for even Langway to overcome.

Second Pairing: I like this pairing a little more, seeing as it is a good two-way blend. Howell is a fine defensive defenseman and a solid #2. Gonchar is a good offensive defenseman, and can be protected by Howell. Gonchar's defensive ability is almost non-existent, so Howell is a suitable partner for him.

Third Pairing: Pretty bruising third pairing, should do well against offensive lines. I don't see Owen as the most reliable puck-rushing defenseman, so offense may be hard to come by.

Spares: I never saw anything special about Jay Bouwmeester, average offensively, not bad defensively. Not a terrible spare I guess, but I can't see him as a very reliable one.


Upper-middle class goaltender in Jiri Holocek, he's a strong point in the middle of the ATD goaltending class. He should be an integral part to the core and a legitimate starting goaltender. Charlie Hodge is a good back-up, stood in the shadow of Jacques Plante and did pretty well in his years as a starter.


PP: Pretty good flow on both units, I don't see Harris as an overly productive forward. But keeping that line together could be a good idea on the PP.

PK: Beliveau wasn't the most defensive forward out there, more known to fight his own battles other than helping out others. But his big presence is most likely a plus, and having Duff there helps. Playing Howell on your second pairing eliminates him from over-working and playing too much, so that is good.


Viktor Tikhonov is a middle-class coach, I think with the offense you possess throughout your forward core, his style will mesh well with the team. He knows a thing or two about winning. David Bauer is also a pretty good guy to have around.


Pretty good entry Bill, there is a lot of strong flow throughout the team. Your first line is without a doubt the best part of your team, that should be a struggle for many oppositions defense. Your defense has a few flaws, I think Langway will be doing a lot of work on that first pairing. But other than that I think you've built a pretty good team.

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