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04-07-2011, 01:50 PM
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Problem with the Team1200 is that their guys don't have very good radio voices so it's hard to listen for very long. Exceptions to that might be Loyd and York although their frequent useless banter can get irritating especially when you're hoping they'll comment on some recent sporting event but instead they go on and on about some useless crap.

Leave Her Sage, Mellon balls the show killer (he really is) and Yak-a-Belch are all way too annoying to listen to unless you're really desperate for a Sens update. I've also had enough of the same old platitude from itiswhatitis, the ex NHL splinter collector and bench warmer, Eatwood. Please bring back Vanner.

Mac was 3rd best of that sorry lot. Not a great endorsement but better than nothing. His departure will cut down considerably on my Bell Team1200 radio listening time. Even worse just look at what Bell has done to the A-Channel weekday morning show.

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