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Originally Posted by Dwight View Post
- A wonderful top 6. You absolutely did the right thing by splitting up Bobby and Brett. Lemaire is still a perfectly solid partner for Hull, who just needs someone to get the puck over to him. He can do the rest.

- Forsberg is probably in my top 5 non-Habs players of all-time. Love the way he plays, and he falls into the Eric Lindros category of "how much better could he have been?". Kirk Muller is probably a poor 2nd liner here, but I understand why he's up there

- Decent 3rd line. Don't know very much about Ward, but Broten and Drury were both very adequate performers.

- Like the 4th line, if you're going for shutdown. Duchesne was a very strong PKer whom I forgot about when I was picking, and Jarvis is someone you certainly don't have to worry about getting injured, and he's also quite good.

- In my honest opinion, your defense, as a whole, is average at best. I've actually never seen anyone use Reg Noble as a defenseman, so I really find that to be intriguing. Hatcher is also a good shutdown guy.

- Rafalski and Ulf are good contrast, the typical offense/defense pairing.

- I honestly don't know much about Seiling, and Lumme stopped playing right around the time I got into hockey.

- The way you've listed your PP units somewhat confuses me. I understand Muller/Drury are the face-off men, but then what?

- No issues with the PK units

- Babcock is a solid coach who will likely continue to rise in the rankings. He may be top 15-20 material soon, if he isn't already
Reg Noble was a fantastic defensive player his entire career.. but using him as a defenseman really lowers his offensive value by quite a bit. He's the kinda guy that I would use as a forward on the 1st or 2nd line as a glue guy, make him a great corner/net presence on the PP and play him at defense on the PK.

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