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04-07-2011, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Yeah...that's all that really needs to be said from that episode.

**** is intense.
Best part was when Mags was begging Raylan to see Loretta. It was interesting that even after her son was dead, she cared more about Loretta. And the expression on her face after Raylan denied her was chilling. Margo Martindale the actress who plays Mags is really awesome. I hope she gets some type of award recognition.

Speaking of Mags, I must say, she's one of the best villain I've ever seen in a TV series. She isn't purely evil for the sake of being evil. She has depth. Too often villains are villains just because the hero needs opposition but that character is just bad ass and played to perfection by Margo Martindale. Her character just makes sense.

And it's not just Mags, I love all the characters in the show, they all seem to have a lot of depth and you never feel like you can categorize them as 100% good and as people you wanna cheer for or 100% evil and you wanna hate.

Love this show.

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