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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
So, you don't think they could have put someone else in that role from the start and had success? Charlie Sheen wasn't a draw in the slightest when the show started... he'd come in for Fox on Spin City as that show ceased to work, and this was next for him.

If Charlie Sheen (and Emilio) weren't Martin Sheen's kids, they wouldn't have had the careers they've respectively had.

Your above comment (my stupidity) was humorous given that you followed it with this little diatribe proving that your critical reading skills continue to... suck.
1) No. The show will fail without him.

2) And you know this because? a) You're God and know everything b) You're not God and still know everything c) You don't know anything and are just assuming it.

3) My critical reading skills suck? You haven't been right yet.
You were wrong about Timonen.

You were wrong about stats being kept only alphabetically. They are kept alphabetically when stats are same.

You are wrong about Charlie Sheen. This is provable by the sheer popularity of the man.

And let's take another look at exactly what you said this way there is no confusion.

The exact quote was: "Charlie Sheen hasn't really done anything all that successful outside of Two and a Half Men in some time."

Broken down we can see clearly where you said "outside of two and a half men in some time".

So we can see this as recently or we can see this as his whole career outside of two and a half men.

Looking at it recently, in 2010 he made two movies. Wall Street: Money never Sleeps and Due Date. Both of which were hits. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is of course the sequel of the movie in which he was the star.

In 2009, he made Foodfight. This was an animated movie in which he lent his voice to the star character. This was another hit.

Clearly, he has done some good stuff recently and clearly you are wrong again.

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