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Originally Posted by AngryBoss View Post
Yet, despite telling the convener this, he refused to change.
Many of us wanted to simply quit. But all of us felt that the kids would suffer then so we figured we'd finish the year. Several times, we'd toss his practice plan out the door and just deal with the consequences afterward (one time he actually stormed onto the ice and started berating one of the volunteers for changing his plan. I'm surprised the volunteer was able to keep a cool head and not slug him. Thankfully, he kept his temper in check and kindly told him to buzz-off).

What on earth is this guy doing supervising practices to ensure his will is carried out? Is he a retired guy with his kids grown and out of hockey? Because in our association we have a few of those on the executive and they really do seem to be the most meddling by far (although they do a lot of good as well). Anyone who is raising kids, working and volunteering doesn't have the time and probably has perspective not to. Out of curiosity how big is your association and how do you get on the executive? In mine at the AGM anyone with kids in hockey has a vote to elect, if many are unhappy you could stage a coup.

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