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Originally Posted by MoMo316 View Post
Actually no one is wrong om the priorities here, it's just hard to visualize it when it's written linearly. If it's :

48 = 2

if it's

----- (9+3) = 288
Dude these are the types of problems (except even harder) that they'd give us in school all the time. Who cares how it's written, it's a pretty simple math problem regardless. The way it's written to me is pretty clear, I don't see why other people don't see it that way. Again I have to stress that Math is by far one of my worst subjects and I'm a barely passing student in my school days. Plus I haven't been to school in like 7 years. I still can't believe the way it's written confuses so many people. If you aren't getting 288 then clearly the people who aren't wrong about the priorities aren't in fact using them correctly.

You just follow the rules and it's pretty clear imo. Now if you want to get started talking about Logs and all that, people here would make me look like an infant haha.

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