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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Look, everyone is disgusted by that incident but you have to chill out withthe characterizations.

The league was actually pretty well run, outside of stealing team deposits when they went bankrupt (in the hole for $300k, the story goes).

And as for "fat old men trying to achieve their version of glory".... take a deep breath, stop being so judgemental. Even fat old men are allowed to lose themselves for 90 minutes at a time and pretend that they are playing for something(so long as they do not do something as completely dangerous as this). They pay very good money to do so. Around $700 per player for the season.

You will become a fat old man soon enough too. Until then, go easy on the age-ist name calling.
Touche, mostly just trying to express my distaste for the league. I'm sure there are lots a decent people in the league, but if the cops have to get involved multiple times in one playoffs then there are clearly plenty of d-bags too, seems like a league that people are taking way too seriously. The fact that the league itself stole money from customers doesn't help its image.

With that being said, my comments were off base. There are plenty of older guys on my team, all are great players and great guys too. Still, when I do encounter those odd beer leaguers who get way too chippy/dirty (never seen anything like this, but plenty of slashes, hits from behind, etc.), they do tend to be almost always underskilled, fairly often overbellied, and always guys who take the league way too seriously, guys who think that because goons pull this stuff in the NHL, it's fine for them to pull it in a beer league, the classic "weekend warrior" types. My age comment was way off since these guys come in all ages in my experience.

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