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Originally Posted by ThaDevilGirl View Post
Hum yeah, I got two but only 2 divides 48 so the real answer should be 288 or whatever it was.. Me

But the Bedmas/whichever rule is a little dumb because division doesn't take precedence over multiplication, or addition over subtraction. Just have to go from left to right.
Also, in French we use PEMDAS if I remember correctly. That's what I learned.
"Parenthèse, Exposant, MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION, addition, soustraction"
This would mean that if we do this in order, the answer would be different for both french and english speaking people. You just have to do the multiplications and divisions in the order they come.

Originally Posted by QcnARF View Post
No 42 is the answer to a much bigger question (still don't know which one unfortunately).

288 here
Answer to life, the universe and EVERYTHING.

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