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As the others have stated, Combat are fairly well established for a "fringe" brand, and I've heard mostly positive reviews. They're a baseball company who also made sticks, then they bought Ballistik, who made sticks that people liked. You can check out reviews of combat/ballistik sticks here:

Miken sticks are actually fully made in the States, which is cool/rare, and they supposedly make good baseball gear. Both Combat and Miken would be drawing on their composite bat making, so they wouldn't be starting from scratch.

Blueice I know very little about.

Another fringe stick maker you could check out are Base. I recently bought one, though it's still being made. Apparently the guy who started Base is the same guy who started Innovative, who made great sticks, so like Combat and Miken they've got experience to draw from. You can check them out here:

They let you come in and test the sticks out on synthetic ice, I liked them at the shop, very light and the main reason I went with them is that they provide a VERY wide variety of curves/lies. They didn't have exactly what I wanted in stock so it's being made in their factory in Mexico, should arrive in a couple days now, I'll have a better review then. You'd be missing out on the main advantage, though, which is being able to test out the sticks on skates at their "fitting center," since their only such center right now is in Vancouver.

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