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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
you typed in 242(9+3) would get 2. I tried it on 5 calculators.

The reason you're getting 288 is because you're not solving the brackets properly.

You solve a bracket my multiplying what's in it right away with the number beside it.


2(4) would switch to 8...not 2*4. In the first step, you're supposed to eliminate that 4 by multiplying it.

Therefore 2(9+3) doesn't switch to 2*12...but to 24.

In this equation,the 2 is connected to the 3 and 9 right off the bat, but not the 24 at the start.
Dude, do you operate a Disaster Planning company? talk about redundancy. Who the hell has 5 scientific calculators laying around.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I guess I'm wondering why the "shorthand" notation for the multiplication DOESN'T imply that the 2 is meant to be applied to the brackets it's "shorthandedly attached" to before applying order of operations to the less ambiguous rest of the equation. Sloppy notation for sure, but I guess the option is there to place another set of parentheses around the whole 2(9+3) if 2 is meant to be the answer, so I'll throw my hat in with the 288 crowd.

If written properly the equation is 48/2*(9+3) and it becomes clearer.
If would be 2 if the equation was written 48/(2*(9+3))

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