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Originally Posted by omgitsbryan View Post
Man, between the inflated egos of Bantam A all-stars with all brand new equipment and the decrepit fat guy with 30 years of experience and the 90mph slapshot, you guys make beer league hockey seem like the most depressing thing in the world.
Everyone on the internet (myself included) likes to complain and/or sound tough, hence all the comments about dbags and/or claims of violent retribution towards such dbags, but in my experience the vast majority of guys in beer leaguers are just looking to have fun and play hard. Games very rarely actually get ugly (literally at most 1 fight every 50+ games in my experience), most people are great teammates, and honestly the whole experience is an absolute blast. Beer league games are without a doubt one of the highlights of my week, just as HS games used to be when I was younger and played more competitively.

In terms of actual chippiness/chirping/dirty plays beer league is actually VERY tame compared to competitive minor hockey, it's just that in the more competitive, full contact minor hockey environment this stuff seems somewhat understandable, while in a non contact beer league it's clearly out of place, hence more complaints. I'm sure there are some leagues (and some teams) with large numbers of dbags, but in my experience both my teammates and my opponents are mostly awesome. I've never seen anything remotely close to the two handed chop to the guys head (shown in that other thread) for example.

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