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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Good enough to be effective on a 2nd PP unit in a 40 team draft, maybe even in a 30 team one.
What you are gaining in putting Holmstrom there, you are losing equally (if not more) by not having a skilled player that will actually get more points on those PPs than him. See, here's my issue with Holmstrom.. we think he's so good on the PP or whatever, but the fact is, Detroit's PP hasn't been anything abnormally special since Holmstrom has been there.

Starting from 1998:


A solid 5th average, however, in only ONE of those seasons was Detroit noticeably ahead of the next best teams on the PP. See, we're trying to look at ALL-TIME greatness. I would say that Holmstrom is definitely the best PP net presence for a long time now (starting from 2002-2003, the first time he hit over 9 power play goals, which is when I'd say he was really starting to get the PP ice time), however, Detroit's PP hasn't been so overwhelmingly ahead of the rest of the pack that we could conclusively call Holmstrom even among the top-30 best PP net presences. See, the thing is, the way we're talking about Holmstrom now is probably the way they were talking about similar guys in eras past who did the same thing, but didn't really see much offense. History has forgotten those guys.. and history will forget Holmstrom, too.

If Holmstrom was solidly getting top-5 PP goals per year and Detroit was always 1st on the PP by a good margin over the rest of the teams, then I'd say Holmstrom has a case for an all-time great PP net presence. The issue is that none of these things are happening. Detroit has merely been a very strong PP team, but not so strong that you can say any one player has made a significant difference. This is the team that has been the best on paper for over a decade now, and it's not because of Holmstrom. I guarantee you that if Holmstrom was replaced with Franzen, for example, the results wouldn't be much different. Anyone can put their body in front of the net, and though they may not be as effective at it as Holmstrom, Detroit is so skilled that the pucks will go in anyways.

Gross overrating of Holmstrom, and I hope it ends some time soon.

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