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Originally Posted by omgitsbryan View Post
Man, between the inflated egos of Bantam A all-stars with all brand new equipment and the decrepit fat guy with 30 years of experience and the 90mph slapshot, you guys make beer league hockey seem like the most depressing thing in the world.
Nah. The thing is, while guys are often old and decrepit, they're under no illusions about it. The guys in beer league hockey aren't there because they're deluding themselves that their career isn't over, they're out there to have fun playing a game they love. It's usually a very fun atmosphere, apart from the occasional team that takes it too seriously. Every league has a few of 'those guys', but they're few and far between, and the Bantam A all stars usually mature and learn. Sometimes they go to the team that takes everything too seriously.

But people are there to have fun, and to have beer with the guys after the game.

Also, the guy I play with with the killer slapper isn't fat. He is really tall though. But for a few seasons, he was often on a D pair with a guy (now on another team) who matched his height and did have a little extra weight, and had the same name. Thus, an odd peculiarity of a 6'5" 6'6" ish guy with a nickname of "Little Mark".

[actual name changed, but you get the idea]

Sadly, the league I play with him in has since banned slapshots. But he can still wire it without bringing the stick above the waist.

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