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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Big difference between the show failing at this point, and the show not getting off the ground with a different actor playing the lead role.

It stems from a pretty good understanding of the way nepotism works... and the fact that Charlie Sheen isn't particularly talented.

...lets hold our thought, because you're about to embarrass yourself in a few moments.

No, I wasn't.

Yes, they are, and you claimed that stats that were alphabetical (games played) "ranked" Carle ahead of Timonen. So, you pointed out to the world that C comes before T in the alphabet... congratulations on accomplishing something most of us figured out before we learned to write.

Yes, because his popularity means I'm wrong...

"Some time" is pretty friggin clear.

He had an uncredited role in the film. Charlie Sheen didn't make that film; Shia LaBeouf, Michael Douglas, Josh Brolin, and Carey Mulligan made that film. Charlie Sheen got thrown in as a nod to the film in which he did star... 19-*ing-87... twenty-four years ago.

Alright everyone. ShotScore has officially proven that he's completely and utterly full of ****.

The movie has not been released yet.

So, yeah, it's another hit...

Just keep digging into that pit of embarrassment man.
1) The show wouldn't have got off the ground if it didn't have Sheen as it's star.

2) Opinion only. Nothing more.

3)Yes you were wrong. Timonen is the 6th highest paid d-man in the NHL. He is nothing near the 6th best d-man in the NHL. Overrated.

4) Still can't admit when you're wrong. Carle was ranked ahead of Timonen statistically because he is statistically better not because of alphabetical listing.

5) I read IMDB wrongly. I read it as having grossed $65,000,000 domestically. The budget was $65 mil. See, I can admit my mistakes. You should try it. It's quite healthy.

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