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He could do it all. He was as quick as a cat and very strong for his size. And he could play all night!- Gordie Howe
Not man guys could skate like Rogers.- Dave Keon
But the promise of immediate ice time with the WHA's Edmonton Oilers lured Rogers away from the NHL. He skated for the club for just over a season and a half until he was dealt to the New England Whalers. In New England, he found a real home. His numbers began to increase on the strength of his emerging confidence and skill. His success was based on his quick skating, good shot, which he could release off-stride, and his ability to dart and spin into the corners against bigger wingers while emerging with the puck. Of course, having Gordie and Mark Howe on his line helped as well.- Legends of Hockey
Herb Brooks liked players who could skate and shoot. Mike Rogers fit the bill perfectly. At 5-8, and 175 pounds, Rogers wasn't going to outmuscle too many people. But he was fast on his feet and averaged nearly a point per game in five seasons with Edmonton and New England in the World Hockey Association.

When the Whalers joined the NHL in 1979, Rogers showed he was good enough to play with the big boys, too. He rang up 44 goals and 105 points in 1979-80, and followed with a 40-goal, 105-point effort in 1980-81. Despite the guady offensie numbers, the Whalers weren't happy about Rogers defensive play. They made him available and GM Craig Patrick landed the slick centre on the eve of the 1981-82 season...-The New York Rangers: Broadway's Longest Running Hit
Mike can be described as having a combination of speed and finesse, being an excellent playmaker and a good face-off man. He has a quick burst from his own zone and the exceptional ability to beat defensemen on the wide side.- Back of 1977-78 hockey card
The Toronto St. Pats are pleaded to select a slick scoring centre who can fill in on both special teams units...


Awards and Achievements

Goals: 13th(1980), 17th(1981), 27th(1982),
Assists: 6th(1980), 9th(1981), 12th(1982), 39th(1983),
Points: 5th(1980), 7th(1981), 12th(1982), 36th(1983), 65th(1985), 82nd(1984)

SH Goals: 2nd(1983), 6th(1981), 9th(1980)*
*With only 2 SH goals

Percentages of #2 Scorer (Rounder to Nearest Whole Number)(Removing Gretzky and Lemieux)
Goals: 79% (of 3-way tie for 1st), 71%, 63% Total: 213
Assists: 84%, 81%, 75%, 61% Total: 301
Points: 84%, 80%, 74%, 63%, 50%, 49% Total: 400
In his 3-year Peak (1980-1982), Rogers was:
5th in Points(87% of the 2nd place-removing Gretzky scorer, Bossy), 12th in PPG
4th in Assists (90% of 2nd place-removing Gretzky scorer, Trottier), 11th in APG
10th in Goals(76% of 2nd place removing Gretzky scorer, Dionne) 22nd in GPG

In his scoring Prime (1980-1985), Rogers was:
22nd in Points(64% of 2nd place removing Gretzky Scorer, Dionne), 27th in PPG
19th in Assists (69% of 2nd place removing Gretzky scorer, Stastny), 20th in APG
32nd in Goals(60% of 2nd place removing Gretzky scorer, Dionne), 45th in GPG

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