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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
I've actually been surprised that the majority of Sens fans are practically embracing him deciding to stay another year. Sure, we wanna see him, but most guys have been good with it as far as I've seen. I'm always a little careful not to say stuff that like that myself, all the Swede posters help out with tracking prospects so well here, I realize sometimes you guys may get sensitive about losing homegrown talent premature, and rightfully so.
I suppose we're used to it. Doesn't get me upset loosing the players but when some people are talking like he's allready a senator and seem to think they can do whatever they want with him, it annoys me. But i don't get mad.

And i absolutely don't mind answering questions. I know I would want to know more about a player that i had no clue about what so ever. It just seems so obvious to help out. And i suppose it's also nice when others then swedes take at least some notice of swedish hockey, be it for good or bad

I think staying in sweden for a year or two more will just benefit him. Just look at franzen or zetterberg. Stayed home a couple of years more cause they wern't ready and havn'r played a second in the ahl(just want to make it clear i'm in no way compairing him to them in any other aspect!).

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