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08-06-2005, 12:46 AM
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I think our true goal is to get 30 goals out of somone, and or, about 70 points to compliment what we have. If we get that, I think everyone will be extremelllllly pleased. Heck, if he can help lead us to the playoffs, I don't think anyone will care if his production isn't a 70+.

Besides, I think you are selling Kariya very short here. I follow the Avs very extensively. In fact, they are my second favorite team. I watched over 80+ Avs game last season, and frankly, your analysis is lacking. Kariya wasn't "awful", he was actually pretty good. He started the season off extremely well before getting a very hard wrist injury. Upon coming back, he was immeadiately boarded, and reinjured the same wrist. He missed a bunch of games, but he came back and was finally getting into a groove again when Hartnell put him down. When a sniper's wrist is injured, you can't expect him to be scoring at the same pace. Furthermore, Granato had to be the worst coach in the league this past season. There is only so much you can put on a coaches shoulders, but he misused all of his players in a terrible way.....

I think despite your pessimistic attitude, you will like Kariya. He is not simply fast, he is blazing fast. Even when he doesn't look like he is doing much, he can make something happen due to his tremendous speed. I would say he is easily the fastest skater on this team, which says a lot when you look at the guys we have on here. If we can get some tape-to-tape passes going, we could see one heck of a potent breakout game.

Does Kariya have injury concerns? Yeah. Is he another smallish forward? Yeah. Does he have elite caliber skills? Yeah.

Even if this is a bust signing, it shows the fans and players that we are dedicated to winning. Kariya is a great guy, certainly not a cancer as you are portraying. I never saw him taking shifts off, and adding a leader to the locker room is always a good thing. At worst, we have an overpaid winger that can still score. At best, we signed an all-star to lead us to the playoffs. Its a two year deal.....ride high on this.......we have tons of cap room, its not a burden for the future....this is a positive in every way.

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