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Originally Posted by The Alaskan Assassin View Post
To me, it's guys just getting away from their game, and not just slumping. That's why I think Shelton should be held accountable in large part, and we never seem to hear about practices regarding trying to analyze what guys are doing wrong at the plate.

Our offense, while currently pathetic, is not typically a .140 hitting group. I think guys will start coming into their own sooner rather than later.
Not the first time I've ranted on this in this forum before, but again, I bring up that in August 2007, the ALCS-bound Cleveland Indians had a heck of a hitting slump. Had it not been for Asdrubal Cabrera's call-up saving the Tribe's butt, there wouldn't have been playoffs for Cleveland, because you can only do so much with the awesome pitching the Tribe had that year (CC and Fausto; remember, Cliff Lee was sucking bad and got demoted to AAA -- the move that changed his career for the better.) Even in the playoffs, there were many times that key hits were not to be found. It took bugs, not offense, to beat the Yankees in a key game.

The following season, there was a hitting slump from the start that killed any chances of a repeat playoff appearance. And then there was a third slump. And then the trades were made. And then Wedge went bye-bye, and so did his staff.

Maddon and the Rays are idiots for hiring Shelton. There's no reason he should have stayed. The offense has regressed. There is a clear pattern between bad offense and Shelton being the hitting coach. Shelton's answer (and Wedge's answer, too, because they were BFFs) was that the Indians could hit themselves out of a slump. Well, they didn't do it in Cleveland, and they aren't doing it here.

How long do you wait before you realize the season is over because there is no offense? The pitching hasn't really been bad, but the AL traditionally has higher ERAs. You need offense. You need run support. This team may have lost a couple of key bats but the production shouldn't have gone down *that* much. No excuse for it. Shelton HAS to be held accountable. Fire him and get a real coach in there to teach hitting.

I knew this stuff would happen when the Rays hired him. I texted my brother that very day and said his Rays were screwed. Sadly I'm a prophet on this, and it didn't have to be this way.

The Indians fired Eddie Murray for Shelton. I don't know who was the Rays' hitting coach before Shelton or how bad that guy was or why he left, but I'd have paid him triple before getting Shelton in the position.

They say that when you point a finger of blame at somebody or something, there are three fingers pointing right back at you. But there are exceptions to every rule, and Shelton is proof of this. He needs to go, before things get worse -- and trust me, they will!

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