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10-13-2003, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by jacketracket
For the hundredth time, 'Blue Jacket' does not refer to an insect. 'Blue Jacket' refers to a soldier in the Union army. Hence, the kepi on one of the shoulder patches. The flag---in the shape of a 'C' (for Columbus---get it?)---is not an American flag, but the Ohio state flag (Columbus is in Ohio, get it?).

The new third sweater ties the team name with Ohio's contributions to the Union side of the Civil War, as do the regular sweaters, but w/o the 'Stinger' shoulder patch.

"Nothing to do with hockey"? You got me here---the CBJ had to settle for this non-hockey name/logo, as all the hockey-centric names/logos were taken: Rangers, Bruins, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, Black Hawks, and Canadiens are all clearly team names that have everything to do with hockey.

I think what people saying is that the Civil war is a pretty poor choice of image for a sports team. As is the overbearing patriotic theme of the third jersey.

How would you consider if we had the Carolina Confeds playing in the league, with the confederate flag as shoulder pad?? Would be wrong, wouldn't it? And even if it wasn't wrong, it would feel weird.

It has nothing to with not caring about history, but simply because it creates a weird taste when it is overdone. Now we have loads of sports teams that has names that could indicate they are taking the same route. Yankees, Senators, Capitals, Maple Leafs. All teams with somewhat political names. But they all understand they are sports franchises and definately stay well clear of patriotic stuff and focus on the sports stuff. And they are all pretty s strong image wise.

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