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04-07-2011, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
I don't really understand what you're looking for? Do you want us to all be miserable like you are right now? I am not trying to insult you, but I think most of us understand that this is the situation that has happened to us, and while we are pissed that we are going to make the playoffs, sitting here and b***** on a forum won't change anything.

We could either sit here and act like a bunch of children complaining about how the teams sucks, and cry about how we will miss the playoffs, or understand no matter how mad we get it won't make a difference and sit here and analyze what got us into this situation.

While you have to understand that we are all sure as hell pissed, sitting here and b***** and moaning won't change anything man.
Your constant trolling on these forums need to stop. Hockey and the Rangers may be secondary to you, but I pretty much live and breathe this stuff. If you have a problem with that you're more than welcome to go watch the Yankees

I have every right to ***** and moan. Every single fan has the right to ***** and moan. Anyone who is ok with missing the playoffs for 2 ****ing seasons in a the same fashion... needs their ****ing head checked.

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