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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
This was a rant I had on my blog from tonight's game...figured I'd share it with the rest of you...

They may be cursed, and it may suck sometimes, but you endure. You endure for the good times. Ups and downs, they’re all part about being a fan of a team. And if you’re reading this fans opinion of the team, then you’re probably a big fan too. I chose this path, chose to love this team. And sometimes it’s gonna hurt, but it will pay off when that opportunity comes. When the fans waiting 54 years for that cup in 94…I’d give anything to know that feeling, it’s a shame I was too young to remember it.

Fans endure. You endure the bad times, I remember not making the playoffs from 1997-2005. I remember Alexei Cherepanov falling into the Rangers laps at the draft, the euphoria when he was taken and the ultimate depression when he passed away two years later. You remember Jagr throwing a punch at Gomez in game 1 against the Devils missing and separating his shoulder in 2006; followed by the elation when he stepped onto the ice and surprised a city when he played in game 4. You remember the Rangers sweeping the Thrashers a year later to only be bounced by none other than Chris Drury and those dreaded 7.7 seconds. You remember the Rangers getting revenge on the Devils in the 08 playoffs, reminding the New Jersey rivals just who the ultimate king is between the two organizations. You remember Ollie Jokinen being called upon as the Rangers last breath…

Ups and downs…endure. We’re down right now but 24 hours from now we can be even further down, or higher than ever.

Hope. Endure. Cheer. Take the bad to heart and know the good will cancel it out. The good will come.

I love this team.

Lets Go Rangers


losing sucks, bad and good all a part of being a fan. But we're all here because we love the team, and the good will come, because, it has to, right?
Try telling that to a Chicago Cubs fan.

My wife is a Cubs fan; I feel terrible for exposing her to Ranger fandom too. She could have been content with the Hurricanes. At least she has the UNC Tar Heels in basketball. At least I have the Yankees.

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