Thread: Newsday: Grabner to get good deal
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04-07-2011, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Seph View Post
The only reason I'd hesitate to give him a longterm deal is the threat that an injury could take away his speed. But as long as he has those wheels, I'm very confident in him being able to continue to produce goals at ES and SH, while not being a liability. He strikes me as a fairly ideal player to keep around longterm, because he doesn't need linemates to produce, and can bring a lot to any line he plays on -- very versatile in that regard. I am much more bullish on him than I am on Moulson. Also, if he repeats this kind of performance next season (which I certainly believe he will, or at least come very close to), or improves on it, then he'll be a lot costlier to lock up. I'd love to see him locked up for four years for 10m or less, but wouldn't even be upset if it were for 12-14m (3-3.5m per year).
Just to be clear, I also am a lot more bullish on Grabner. I think he'll always be Cy Young-ish, but I think he's got potential to be a 40 goal scorer. That said, we need more information to really work on.

I don't want to pay him $3.0-$3.5 million/year based on one season. I'm not saying he won't be worth it, but I don't want to pay him that for next season.

I'm also considering that we have to re-sign Okposo, Bailey and Comeau, as well. I think you can safely set Moulson's 2010-11 salary as a soft cap limit for our RFAs next season. Guys might eclipse it, but not by a ton. I could see a one year deal getting a it more, but I really don't see an extended payday over Moulson's 2010-11 salary coming for anyone next season. (I reserve the right to be absolutely wrong.)


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