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This blog needs a resurrection after last night.

Per Bjurman:
"King Henrik doesn't say it straight out, but you can pretty easily read between the lines that he is deeply disappointed at some of his teammates.
- I can only answer for myself, you have to ask the guys, he sighs when the New York reporters ask him why it didn't quite [work out as anticipated] (Bjurman lost text here, filled in on my own).

When the Beef is alone with Henke he is more direct.
- That we aren't more careful in a game like this... I don't know if it's about maturity or what. But it's up to each and everyone to be prepared, he says with rusty steel in his voice.

I think it's a miracle he doesn't scream straight out.
A happy and excited Johnny O [Oduya] comes dancing through the locker room corridor that yours beefly is heading towards. It's obvious he didn't have anything against ruining the party for the Rangers.
- No, we just think it's fun, he confirms.
He promises he will try to have as fun in Raleigh tomorrow.
- Of course. We want to ruin it for them too.
Hey, Cartman...?
Let's see... what does Gabby Gabby Hey get paid yearly by the stealth flyer (some nick for Sather, he's generous with those)? Well, $7.5 million. To then spend his time at the pace of public skating when he commits to back checking the moment before the Trashers' 3-0 goal, that's rather shameful.
Just by the look of their bended backs you can see that the collegues here in the press room are preparing brutal sawings in the oven in their laptops.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Rangers get back the initiative tomorrow night - and then lose against the Devils anyway. This is the sort of team you're sticking with, Rangers-fan...
The Cake [Torts]? Few worded as hell, of course. Best quote of the night:
- We lay an egg.
A rotten one of course, I would like to add.
Even if the Rangers, against all odds, would beat the Devils it could be a hell of a frustrating saturday. The New York derby is decided already at 12.30 - and Carolina vs Tampa is played first at night. To sit and wait and agonize in that way isn't more fun than a kidney stone attack.
No dammit, now I need a drink.

Tomorrow I will see Charlie Sheen at the Radio City Music Hall when THE game is decided and that makes no difference, I'm still completely convinced that Carolina wins - and if not it will be a chock of joy to turn on this - or a newly bought - computer afterwards.

See you at saturday, whatever is happening. Then it'll be no more cramped associations fetched from the Swedish history of sports, I promise. Then I just demand they play decent do-or-die hockey."

Directly after the game:
Good night, Rangers. It ends 0-3. Some sort of end report coming up later, if I haven't become deaf from all the boos that are now echoing the Garden.

From the 2nd intermission:
Well, there are no excuses for this. Cake & co can say whatever they want that this year's Rangers edition is a blue collar team without any special talent. Key players such as Gabby Gabby's scoring drought and Duby Duby worst when it matters shouldn't really be this out of focus in a game like this. Andrew Ladd shouldn't be able to go between the teams' two best defensemen and score such an easy goal. Powerplay should really not be as cramped and unstructured.

It's piti (an own word Bjurman has constructed - ynk - out of the word "ynklig", meaning pitiful).
Pavelec has been totally ok, but apart from the PP he hasn't exactly been exposed to any CCCP [the old red soviet machine every Swedish hockey fan remembers] trials.

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