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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I want to lose 20-30 pounds over May to August(including both months), without mega training and superb diet, what do you think I can reach? At the start of this thread(part 1), I was 250-255, I managed to go down to 240 ish pretty quickly, but couldn't maintain it as it was first time I ever tried to make a diet. I think I'm ready for a 2nd go. I want to be about 220-225 by 2012 but I want to try and get as much as possible done in the summer. What's a realistic expectation on moderate training/diet, 15 lbs?
Well I'm in a pretty similar position as you. I'll leave some of the other people in here to help with the training but you really need to fix the food you eat.

I was over 280 about 3 years ago, went down to 215 before going back up to 240. Now I've been at the gym and watching what I eat for about 3 month and got it down to 230 and dropping (just as soon as exams are over )

For one you need to cut down on your portions. As a heavy guy I know how you eat, probably like me. What I do now is try and have a big lunch, and then a smaller dinner at like 6, and try not to eat anything late at night. If you train at night, take a protein shake or get unsalted peanuts for after the workout, you need to feed your body after a workout, but since your trying to lose weight you want minimize the intake. Try to stop eating chips and that kind of junk (for quickest results avoid anything that is unnecessary (at least for a week, 2 or whatever if you want to see quicker results)).

The best and foremost to losing weight, eating breakfast. This is key because you are less hungry later on in the day when you've had something to eat when you wake up. If you can add 2-3 fruits to your diet and some yogurt. I'm no fan of vegetables, but I would get a shish taouk sandwich so that I can have some veggies in it along with some lean chicken was useful. If you drink a lot of soft drinks, I 'd say just replace it with water.

A lot of these don't have to be cut completely, but merely replaced at times. You really need to judge your success by what you do on a daily basis. I was weighing myself every day for like 4 month (although was the first time since I was maybe 14 that the scale was reading something under 230, so I was happy to look at the scale everyday) just so that I could ***** if what I did the day before we good or bad. Eat healthier, try and respect the 4 food groups and don't over eat. Do some exercise to help burn some of that excess weight hanging around and you should see results very quickly and yours goals reached eventually.

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