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04-08-2011, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by BlackNYellow View Post
Heh yeah my dry land shots I would almost say are far worse than what they are on ice, not sure as to why. I got a random piece of white board material (a whole white board really, that is about 4' x 3' and I shoot in my backyard and that is where I practice when I am off the ice (which ice time for me is typically Tu and Thu). So yes I have been practicing off ice and I can say I think I try to hard or concentrate to hard off ice on shooting that is what makes it worse. On ice I just.. shoot and it seems they are a little better there on ice. heh.
So, it has actually taken a complete 360 turn as far as off ice and on ice goes. So off ice (my backyard) I can take wrist shots and lift them with ease (not sure what I have done differently but I am getting used to the motion). I tried yesterday at pick-up to lift my shots and I can get them once in a while, but I think I may be holding the stick differently or something on ice as I am a bit 'higher' with the skates on. Not to sure, either way I am having some issues transferring off ice skills to the ice. It may be the height of the skates, or positioning. Also when off ice I can stand facing my target both feet looking like ( | | ) but on ice I cant seem to shoot 'facing my target' if I want the puck to lift I have to stand perpendicular towards the net. Make sense at all?

Maybe it is my balance on the skates on ice not to sure but I am definitely still trying to practice more and more.

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