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04-08-2011, 10:59 AM
Vito Andolini
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Avery tried to clear and failed. That is who he is - a defensive liability. Only good and great players can be blamed for the loss, it doesn't make sense to go after mediocrity.
This is typical B.S. Mediocrity defines our team. There are very few players around here that are anything better than mediocre. You've basically created a situation with this statement where the only person who can ever get blamed for a loss is Lundqvist and Gaborik. And the one who actually deserves the blame, you are defending...

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Lundqvist is world class goaltender, he was not screened on Schremp's shot.
Gaborik is a winger. It was not his job to cover the slot on the breakaway. Girardi had to play 2-on-1 and prevent that pass. Gaborik knew about it, plus he was out of gas. Both him and Dan after all delivered the situation in which Lundqvist was in control, yet he let the puck in.
Lundqvist must to be exceptional. He didn't have his usual legs. Every goal he allowed was due to lateral movement problems. Every good save he made was due to correct positioning. I am sorry, but you have to have both aspects of the game to be what you have to be.
Interesting...Gaborik was gassed so it's excuseable that he dogged it from the center line in against Boulton!!! Yet, Lundqvist has started like 20 games in a row and understandably may be somewhat tired also, but you want him "fired" for letting in goals on other players mistakes.

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